This morning a letter dropped through our letterbox. It was from the Reader’s Digest Association and the envelope was marked “Financial Services”   “Time sensitive information enclosed”  Important!

Had I at last won one of the prizes they had been offering me? They are constantly telling me that they would really like to announce me as a winner, so maybe my day had come. 🙂

I wouldn’t have to choose the next cruise, we could go on all of them and take the family. We’d be secure for life! We could put money into trust for the boys’ education, we could…….

Sadly no. When I opened it, it was to invite me to buy one of their funeral plans! 

Do they know something I don’t know since they marked it  “time sensitive”  or have they just worked out that I have passed my three score and ten?

I was feeling quite well when I got up this morning. 🙂