JW  and I had been talking about having cavity wall insulation installed for some time, but had not got around to doing anything about it. We had had it done in our previous house, which was a long bungalow so had had lots of exposed exterior walls, and it made quite a difference to both our comfort and our fuel bills.

On Tuesday afternoon last week we were contacted by RIS Cardiff who offered to do the insulation on behalf of Warm Front Wales.

On Wednesday morning the surveyor came round to assess the suitability of the building. It was suitable, so they made an appointment to come round next day to do the installation.

By Thursday lunchtime the job was done, less than 48 hours after the first contact!

There is no visible sign (all the small holes were filled in with matching render) and it had cost us nothing. It is all covered by a government grant available to any house owner over 70, so there are advantages to being of advanced years 🙂