First, to my faithful readers, sorry I haven’t posted for a few weeks. I have had a “technology block”, but am hoping it has gone now!

I think it was started by the frustration caused by the “blips” in our broadband connection. When we moved here (two years ago today), we signed on with Orange for broadband and telephone. When it was  working it was very good, but it was very frustrating when it went down. It was usually only for a few minutes at a time, but it seemed to be happening with increasing frequency and always  at the most inconvenient time, ( in the middle of posting, during a commercial transaction or during a telephone call etc.)  I don’t know whether it was the fault of Orange or BT, but we had been disussing changing to a cable service, and when it was disconnected for 24 hours recently it was the final straw. The call centre were very helpful guiding us through the reconnection procedure, but when JW asked whether there was anything we could do to stop the breakdowns, all he was told was that it shouldn’t happen again!

The next phone call was to the cancellation department, where surprise,  surprise, they tried to get us to stay by offering a more efficient “Orange box” and a reduced tariff !

We arranged to transfer to Virgin, a cable service, and this was duly completed last Friday. Thanks to the invaluable assistance of our personal Systems Manager, our talented son- in- law GG, we are now connected to a much faster broadband, so I am hoping this has vanquished my technology block!.