Well, here we are 2010 already . Another year,  another annual look back over the year and more hopes for the future .

2009 was certainly a pretty eventful year, both personally and in the wider world.

Here in our little world we have made a few alterations to our home, and crossed them off our “to-do” list.

We remodelled the bathroom and put in a shower cubicle, JW rearranged my little garden shed and put up more shelves so that I have a pleasant working space instead of a dark little cubby hole, we replaced the sitting room furniture and I restored the pretty little bureau which Jennie found for me in the local charity shop, and the government installed cavity wall insulation. That, plus a few extra bookshelves and cupboards, leaves us with little else to do on the list other than routine redecoration, oh!  and finish unpacking the rest of the boxes from our move 2 years ago. 🙂

We have been to the cinema and theatre several times culminating in the fabulous night in October when I shed fifty years in one night at the Cliff Richard and the Shadows Reunion concert!

Our grandchildren have continued to delight and amuse us as they develope their own characters and Jennie and GG continue to show their love and support with their help and thoughtfulness.

We have travelled further in this year than in the 20 preceeding years. The happy family holiday to Malta and the amazing Baltic cruise. Yes in our private life we have been truly blessed.

The financial problems in the country did not affect us very much (one advantage of not having vast wealth to worry about :)) and we have no one in the family attached to Parliament, so no MP scandals either!

I send all of you good wishes for 2010 with good health, security and the company of your loved ones.