This first decade of the twenty first century has flown by. It seems only recently that we were celebrating the Millennium. We were living in a village in West Wales, vaguely thinking that we would move sometime to be nearer to more facilities before we were too old to cope with a move. (Having written that I am reminded that JW’s  aunt aged 93 has just sold her house in Liverpool and moved to Glasgow!)  We had no idea where we would move to at that time.

Jennie  was at university in Cardiff studying law and we were wondering which branch of the law she would follow, never dreaming that she would get her degree, settle in Cardiff, marry GG and produce two lovely sons before the next decade was over.

On that night ten years ago we had had dire warnings about the Millennium bug. All the computers were going to crash causing aeroplanes to fall from the skies, traffic chaos as the lights failed to work, hospitals in chaos as the computerised gadgets failed etc. Of course none of that happened. It had been a great moneymaker for those professing to protect computers from THE BUG!

This was the first of the bugs we were warned about. Since then we have had dire warnings about SAARs, avian ‘flu and now swine ‘flu. Forgive me if I am sceptical about “experts” 

Many people were enjoying living the high life on credit or from taking equity from their homes, with no thought for the morrow. (What short memories we have, it was less than a decade since the recession of the 90s when thousands lost their homes as interest rates soared to15+%)  Since then the Stockmarket has crashed, recovered, crashed again and is now recovering again. We have seen how the bankers (who were paid such ridiculously high salaries for their “expertise”)  almost brought down the world banking system. Their “punishment” being ludicrously high severence pay and pension pots. Forgive me if I am cynical about experts!   

We were letting ourselves begin to believe in the Northern Ireland Peace Accord and hoping for a more peaceful century after the bloodbaths of the twentieth century, only for us to be pitched into the Iraq war, suicide bombers, the twin towers tragedy, bombs in Spain, bombs in London and of course the Afghan war. There are now so many areas of unrest in the world that I begin to wonder whether there has ever been a time when there was not some group of humans trying to impose their will on everyone else. Are we programmed as humans to be in a permanent state of conflict?

We had the scandal of the MPs allowances. They are an easy target, but what about the “perks and allowances”  awarded to top Civil Servants, bureaucrats, the tax loopholes exploited by the wealthy and the accountants and lawyers who spend their working lives finding these loopholes. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if they diverted their talents into making the country’s wealth work for the benefit of all citizens?

On a more positive note. This decade has been good to us. We have seen our daughter get her degree, marry a lovely man, become a great mother to two gorgeous little boys.  We have moved to a convenient small house with a convenient small garden and best of all is only minutes away from Jennie and co.

Some of our familyand friends have died in this time, but we have made new friends and acquired new family members, which I suppose is the way the wheel of life works.

We have changed our way of life, visiting the theatre, using buses, having access to the city facilities and of course started taking holidays.

We don’t know what the next decade will bring, perhaps that is just as well, but I hope to be here in ten years time reviewing it. 🙂