Yesterday we had another lovely family day. It started when Jennie and the boys arrived to take me shopping. We did our supermarket shop, bought up their post Christmas bargains to fill up the freezer and the pantry, and came out to find that the snow, which had excited the boys when they saw it through the window, had stopped falling and the ground was just wet and reflecting the blue skies and fluffy clouds. 🙂

We arrived home to find JW  preparing  the lunch, homemade soup from the batch I made on Monday and sandwiches made from the bread he had made that morning.

Jennie had made me an offer I could not refuse, so in the afternoon she (ably assisted by her sous chef, Handsome) made a large pan of goulash. Cheeky kept us entertained with his vigorous keep-fit exercises. He pedalled furiously on the static bicycle for what must have been miles, did press-ups, sit-ups etc. and wasn’t even out of breath!

We all sat down for a “cuppa” and sampled the post Christmas goodies  and laughed ourselves silly watching an episode of “Dad’s Army” while we waited for GG to arrive from work.

The goulash was delicious and was followed by apple crumble and custard (I’ll start the diet tomorrow!)

Soon after they left for home the long awaited snow arrived, much to the delight of the boys when they got up this morning and found that the beginning of term  was postponed. They enjoy school, but building a snowman and having a snowball fight won hands down.

We have still had only about an inch of snow so it will probably be gone in a few days if no more falls, but for the moment the garden looks very pretty with its winter covering.

Whilst we were out yesterday I realised that today was the 6th of January ( my significant day) so bought a lottery ticket for tonight’s lottery. Well you never know………