The news from Haiti seems to get worse with every update.  Every natural disaster brings tragedy, but what makes this worse is that this country is one of the poorest countries in the world. Maybe if they had not been so poor the buildings  could have withstood the earthquake better. It certainly puts our paltry claims to a time of austerity into perspective. THEY really do have nothing. I felt particularly moved, this evening ,when I saw one man saying that he was thankful because he was still alive.

I visited Port au Prince, Haiti in 1966 and the only thing I can remember was that most of the beaches were private, some of them belonging to hotels and clubs where you could buy a day membership, and only one part was open to the public.  The private beaches were separated from the public beach by a high fence, and there was a marked difference in the conditions.

When I see how the the rest of the world responds with help to these natural disasters, I can’t help wishing that we could desist from war and put all that effort into bringing up the standards of these countries before they are in such dire straits. If all the scientists,  involved in making increasingly clever  weapons, put their talents to construction rather than destruction and if all the money and resources saved were used to improve the lives of the poorest, maybe the preachers of hatred would have fewer followers.