Yesterday was a day of lovely surprises. The first one came via the postman, who delivered a package to me. When I opened it I found a collection of old family photographs. To someone interested in genealogy this is manna from heaven! My elderly cousin had been sorting out her attic and, rather than throwing out, the package of photos she very kindly sent them to me. They were of my mother’s family and I recognised all but three of them, so they have joined my treasure trove of family memorabilia, which I am going to categorise and title….one day. It is on my “to do” list. 🙂

There was a second surprise in the accompanying letter. My cousin (who is in her late 70s) told me that she has a gentleman friend who is moving in with her and they might get married! Is this a member of the  family which was so shocked when one of the younger members got divorced? Times really are a-changing. 🙂

The next surprise was Jennie  bringing us pork chops from the pig she had just bought.

We were just sitting chatting over our coffee and I was showing her some of the photos when the Interflora man arrived and delivered a beautiful bouquet. It was a mixed bunch of roses, lilies,gazanias, carnations and button chrysanthemums in pastel shades of apricot, cream and lime green.  There was nothing on the card, but I know it was from JW!  Not only is it St Valentine’s Day tomorrow, but it is the 37th anniversary of the day we announced our engagement.

I had one more surprise when my friend Ron telephoned to let me know that he has just set up his own web site. Ron is an amateur historian and has written several books  about growing up in Nottingham. He is a few years older than me so can remember the war better than me.

If Fridays are going to be like this all I can say is, “Bring it on”