Montevideo was a pleasant city but we only spent a short time there and the only thing I remember about it was that there were lots of leather shops, all selling a great variety of quality goods at reasonable prices.

We travelled up the wide river Plate and arrived in Buenos Aries for a two day stay. This attractive capital of Argentina has quite a European feel to it, with its wide boulevards and splendid shops.

Once again we were spoilt for choice in the leather shops. They sold not only the usual shoes bags and belts but unusual items like jewellery. Once again we arrived back at the boat laden with parcels (our cabin was getting a bit crowded with grass skirts, shell jewellery, straw fans , carved wood and wooden idols :))

In the evening, after work, we went for a very good meal.

Soon after we left B.A., whilst on my round of  plant watering,  I met the barber.  He was a quiet rather reserved man, but that morning he seemed a bit evasive and shifty. When I asked him what the matter was he eventually confessed that he had spent the night in gaol!  He had been taking his usual solitary walk around (he did not associate  much with anyone) when he had heard a rumpus and saw some of the crew having an altercation with a gang of locals. He went in to try to stop it, but just at that moment the police arrived and took them all into custody overnight and only let them out when the Captain came and took them away. “I am a gaolbird, you must not mix with me,” he wailed. The poor man was very shaken up by it, but he took the resultant teasing  (for days afterward)  in good part.