I have just been watching the news and seeing the pictures of the awful devastation caused by the earthquake and the tsunami.

It gave me a bit of a start to see it all when I have just spent a couple of weeks rambling through the  memories of my visit to that area, and then I started wondering what suddenly gave me the impulse to write it all down after 44 years?

It feels quite uncanny. Of course I have always known I went and have recounted bits of it to my family, but recently the memories came flooding back and it was all clear in my mind and I felt the urge to write it all down. Now I feel quite paranoid as though I had somehow provoked it! Mad isn’t it?

Nearly everywhere we visited on that cruise has been affected, to a greater or lesser extent, by either the earthquake or tsunami or both.

I wonder how much damage has been caused, not only to Chile but to the islands. Is that pretty alpine like village by the lake affected, are the elegant hotels in Vina del Mar still standing, did the tsunami reach the stone statues on Easter island?

 Maybe I was speaking prophetically when I said that we could never recreate that cruise. Spooky isn’t it?

We have been considering visiting the Amalfi coast this year, but now I am worried that I might provoke Vesuvius to erupt!