Yesterday we had proof that not all children spend all their time on game machines and watching TV.

Jennie  and I did our weekly shopping in the morning and then, after school, she returned with the children. After quick refreshments Handsome, the nine year old, disappeared off with grandpa  for a violin practice session and Cheeky, the 5 year old stayed with me to try watercolour painting. He had decided to go in for a competition and wanted to paint a picture of Harry Potter on his broomstick!

He has already shown a good eye for colour co-ordination but I was surprised to see how much he understood about both colour and size  perspective, and how much he notices things and can work things out (when given a little push in the right direction :))

Jennie, JW and Handsome had an enjoyable session and then GG arrived from work  and we all had dinner.

After dinner JW helped Handsome to do a suduko puzzle and Cheeky drew another picture, this time with coloured pencils and then helped by GG assembled a list of Roald Dahl books ready for school today, and then it was time for them to go home to bed.

They left already making plans for the next music session and the next painting session, so, although they enjoy some TV and electronic games, I think they seem to have got the balance right.