No we are not going shopping for frozen food, we are going to the land of the geysers and glaciers:)

After much deliberation JW and I have finally decided to book a cruise to Iceland and Norway. We had been considering various cruises, been sidetracked by Rhein cruises, Mediterranean explorers etc. and narrowed it down to either North Norway and the midnight sun or Norway and Iceland.

JW is very easy going and just said, “I’ll go wherever you want to go. Just tell me where and when!”

This did not help with my dithering. Eventually I decided that, as I had been many times to Norway (though not to the North Cape)  and had never been to Iceland and have long yearned to see the geysers and glaciers and possibly a few whales, to book the Icelandic trip, which I did as soon as I had decided and before I could get sidetracked again.   I was delighted to find that they had an offer on and our cabin has been upgraded so I tell myself that it  “was meant to be Iceland”. As an added pleasure we will be calling in the Faroes on the way back so I am really looking forward to it.  (I just hope my jinx doesn’t work on Iceland after we have been.)

Once again Jennie  has kindly offered to drive us to the coach, which will take us to the dockside. It is a very convenient way of travelling. Our luggage goes on the coach and the next time we see it is outside the cabin door! Much easier than trundling through an airport, less risk of delays and even if the boat is delayed in leaving you can sit in comfort and take tea while you wait.

So, it is to be Iceland this year and, don’t tell JW,  but I already have plans for North Cape next year (D.V.) 🙂