This week we had the final part of our insulation programme  completed when they came to top up the roof insulation, so we are completely wrapped in insulation now, all free,  thanks to the government’s gift to the over 70s!

I am not a scientist so I cannot pronounce on the validity or otherwise on whether climate change is manmade or part of a cyclical process, but it makes sense to me to try to reduce our depletion of the Earth’s finite resources. It also makes financial sense to try to cut our fuel bills, to recycle our rubbish, to make compost and generally cut out wastage!

I have a natural scepticism of expert pronouncements, after all in the 1970s we were warned that we were heading for a new Ice Age, that is until the summer of 1975, which was one of the hottest on record. As someone said, “There is nothing so sad as a perfect scientific theory being disproved by an ugly factual experience!”

That said, I can’t help thinking that there must be a deleterious effect  if we continue to pollute the planet. There are enough natural pollutants, from volcanic activity etc., without us adding needlessly to them. If we can recycle rather than fill the diminishing land space, make compost instead of filling our food stuff with chemicals, surely this can only be a good thing.

Why are we so obsessed with everything being done on a giant scale? Factory ships with their indiscriminate huge nets are ruining the ecology of the oceans, farms run by large corporations, instead of the families who have often farmed that land  for generations, grubbing out hedges and creating huge fields to accomodate their giant machinery, putting nothing back but chemicals,  huge floating villages depositing 5,000 passengers at each port of call, larger and larger schools and hospitals, bigger and bigger corporations gobbling up smaller businesses.

 Is it all in the name of economy? I can’t help thinking about the way the relatively few huge banks managed to cripple the world economy.

What has all this to do with our roof insulation, you may ask? I just think that if everyone could reduce their fuel consumption, even by a little, it would all add up. We would have smaller bills, there would be less pollution and we would be less dependent on foreign powers for our fuel—in recent times we have seen how one country can hold another to ransom in the supplying of fuel.