Yesterday Jennie was not feeling well so GG kindly offered to take me for my weekly shop. The two grandsons decided to play “I spy something in the car”

Handsome (the accomplished 8 yearold reader being kind to little brother) said, “I spy something beginning with wuh”

Cheeky ( the new reader aged 5 years)said, “That is called double u, you know!” in a tone which inferred, wouldn’t you think an eight year old would know that! 

Today I looked out of the kitchen window and became aware of a lot of activity at the bird feeder. Several tits were inside the squirrel proof feeder happily dining.  A robin was hopping up and down on the tree, and if a bird could be said to be tapping his foot impatiently, that is what he was doing. He contained his impatience  for a few moments and then jumped down on the top of the feeder and rocked it quite violently until the tits flew out,  and then went in to eat his fill! 🙂

This must be what they mean by the pecking order.