At last, after 40+ years, ERNIE has remembered me!

This morning I had a letter informing me that ERNIE had chosen my premium bond. Before you all start writing your begging letters it was for……£25 🙂

When premium bonds were first issued my mother bought us all two each, and this is the first time I have won anything.  JW  still has some of about the same vintage so he lives in hope now!

When I was a student nurse, I remember one of my friends winning £25. She was ecstatic and made enough plans to spend it three times over, but in those days that was a whole  month’s salary (before board and lodging etc. were deducted.)

It set me thinking how relative this “windfall” is to different groups. It is 25% of the state pension to me.  To a city “whizz kid” it is probably two or three visits to Starbucks and to a worker in the third world a total family income for a month.

Anyway, it gave me a lift (even if it is the smallest prize they give). It is nice to know that my old friend ERNIE still remembers me and I can live in hope that, now his machinery has rumbled that way once, it might rumble that way again!

Now what shall I spend it on?  Well Jennie  and I are visiting a garden nursery next week and I could shave a bit more off the lawn and make the beds a bit wider…