Yes at last I have succumbed to the inevitable and joined JW  and Jennie  on Twitter!

As usual I am the last in the family to take up modern technology. For ages they had urged me to join in but it was not until the Leaders Debates on TV that I saw a use for it. Now, instead of shouting at the TV, I can vent my frustration on Twitter. 🙂

I tweet using “Granny Anne39” if any of you are fellow tweeters.

Some of the tweets are very mundain, but there are some very funny ones and some making good points which I wish I had thought of first!

It concentrates the mind having only a set number of characters allowed and stops one waffling.

Who knows, I might even learn to use my digital camera to its full extent and get more familiar with the mobile phone, which sits, switched off,  in my bureau.