As I wander around my garden I realise  that the colours of the Spring flowers reflects the colours of the political parties.

The first flowers were the neutral snowdrops, but these were swiftly joined by the yellow aconites and blue chionodoxias, the latter being very short lived :). These were rapidly overshadowed by the hosts of yellow and orange daffodils. Suddenly there was a brilliant flash of scarlet tulips and along the front of the border red and yellow primulas. There is a scattering of blue grape hyacinth and occasional forget-me-nots and now the short lived bluebells.

The scarlet tulips have gone and blue and yellow pansies were dominating the colour scheme, until this week  nowthe shrubs draw the eye, red acer and red tipped pierris and the beginning of red leaved fuchsias.

Nature has her own colour scheme and most of it is yellow!  Dandelions abound everywhere (too many even for Henry to devour.) They cover the wild bank between us and our neighbour’s garden, all the common ground and roadside verges and jostling them for space are the celandines.

 The hedgerows are covered in the yellow gorse flowers.  Do you think Nature is giving us a hint on which way to vote next week?