We have a new cat in our neighbourhood and he is not having a very good time lately!

On Friday JW  glanced out of the window and saw the cat slinking across the lawn. Knowing that Henry, our tortoise, lies in the sun leaving his head and legs exposed, he rushed out to shoo it away. He needn’t have worried. When he checked on Henry he found him sitting happily with a smug expression on his face and the cat nowhere to be seen. We think that Henry had done his famous snake impression, by raising himself up, sticking his neck out, and then flopping down which forces his breath out in a hiss. 🙂

Yesterday I was glancing out of the bedroom window when sudden movements in next door’s garden caught my attention. I saw the cat darting from one side to the other. I thought at first that it was chasing birds and then realised that it was birds chasing him! Two large blackbirds were chasing him around the garden, with a great flapping of wings and screeching. Another (female) blackbird was shouting encouragement from the fence. I think she has a nest in a bush nearby. There was quite a din and all the little birds, blue tits, robin, finches etc from our hawthorn trees were out along the branches jumping up and down shouting encouragement! It was a scene worthy of Disney.

I am not a cat person, but even I felt a modicum of sympathy for the cat, especially when the vociferous dog who lives on the other side joined in……. That was after I finished giggling of course. 🙂