At last we arrived in Norway.

Approaching the Bergen Dock

 It had been 26 years since I had set foot on Norwegian soil. The last time was when Jennie  was nearly 5 and I took her for about a month just before she started in primary school. She had a wonderful time learning to ski, toboggan and spark. She also learned the folk lore about the Trolls and the Nisses. JW  had been too tied up at work to accompany us so this was his first visit. How did Bergen welcome us?  With rain and low cloud!


We had not booked any tours, we went on the hop-on-hop-off bus. They have these in many cities now and we like being able to get off and loiter we choose. We had a pleasant journey round listening to the interesting commentary about the notable places and their histories.

After lunch I had thought to take JW up Mt. Floien on the funicular railway but the cloud was so low that the fantastic vistas would have been hidden amongst them, so we took the bus back to the fish market and wandered around the few stalls open on a Sunday and then ambled back to Bryggen.

Bryggen is the old Hanseatic quarter and many of the old houses have been turned into shops which had a wide variety of lovely goods, souvenirs, knittware,  beautiful silverware and unusual household goods.

We had a lovely time wandering around and buying gifts for the family. We found the Christmas shop which is full of Christmas decorations etc. and had an enjoyable time choosing tree decorations for Jennie and me to add to our growing collection.

I was pleased to find that my Norwegian was not so rusty as I expected, though it is difficult to use it when the Norwegians have such a good command of the English language!

We left Bergen at 9pm. It had been a lovely day despite the rain and I was looking forward to seeing our next port, Olden.