We woke early and stood on deck entranced by the magnificent scenery as we travelled along the fjord towards Olden.

Fjord Early morning

Whichever side we looked the views were breathtaking.

Further along the fjord


When we arrived in Olden Bouddica (Fred Olsen Line) was already there before us, and as there was only one dock we anchored in the bay and disembarked by ship’s tender.

Olden is a pretty little place surrounded by wonderful views so once again we had not booked a tour. Some of the passengers went off to explore nearby glaciers, but we stayed “local”

Once again we enjoyed browsing through the shops nearby.

This shop sold a lot of reindeer skin products (unsurprisingly!)

We left Olden at 10 pm and enjoyed the cruise along the fjord again as we travelled towards the sea again and then northwards to Alesund.