During the night  we had sailed into and out of the Arctic Circle (for which we received a certificate!)

May 22nd was another warm sunny day. We were cruising during the morning and spent most of it scanning the sea for a sight of whales, but once again no luck. Some lucky people did report seeing some but JW  and I were always scanning the wrong side of the ship or not on deck each time!

We did see lots of birds, but my knowledge of birds is rather limited. I am told that they were cormorants, shags, black  guillemots and arctic terns (among others!)

 We arrived at Grundarfjordur about midday. It was another small town similar to Seydiksfjordur.

We set out on an organised shore excursion after lunch. We drove for about 30 minutes to Stykkisholmur through typically Icelandic scenery. Once again our guide spoke excellent English and kept us entertained with a commentary about the area and more Troll stories. This was marred somewhat for me by the constant chatter of two “twitchers” sitting in the seat behind me who kept up a monotonous drone not only about which birds they had seen, but whether these birds had had red legs, yellow legs, bars on their wings etc. etc.!

We boarded a harbour boat for a tour around the Breidafjordur to explore the many islands and rock formations and try to catch sight of  some of the wide variety of birds. We saw several puffins but were not near enough for pictures.

Birds on cliff

 Through binoculars we saw a pair of white tailed eagles.

more birds on cliff!

Before we returned to Athena we were taken on a tour of Grundarfjordur. The guide seemed to know the history and occupants of nearly every house and showed his dry Icelandic humour when he pointed out how organised they were as the old people’s home was next to the hospital and that was next to the graveyard!

Everywhere we went one of the photographic team would turn up so JW thought he would turn the tables.

The photographer photographed!

We left at 10.30pm and sailed for Reykjavik. Once again there was a magnificent sunset at 11.11pm!