We arrived in Rekjavik at 8am on a beautiful sunny warm Sunday morning.

We set off for our amble around the capital city about 9am. Rekjavik is a lovely clean, fresh looking city with interesting buildings and plenty of open spaces. Some of the buildings were quaint looking old buildings, others were ultra-modern but they all blended in perfectly. Maybe it was because it was Sunday, but it felt very peaceful.

one of the older buildings

Just along from this building is a small lake called “The City Pond” on which many types of birds flock. It seems to be a popular Sunday morning activity for fathers to take their offspring to feed the birds.

Tjornin City Pond

Overlooking the Pond was the very modern city hall, inside which is a huge 3D map of Iceland laid out on a low table so that you can walk around at leisure. Outside was a high “living wall” of plants with water trickling through it.

If you look very carefully you can see the plants on the wall!

 There were many restaurants with tables outside which were well patronised!

Iceland is proud of its craftsmen and there were numerous galleries and studios around the centre.

We found something I had been watching out for, a wool shop! Jennie is a very keen knitter and I had been wanting to buy some Icelandic wool for her. The girl in the shop was very helpful and printed out a pattern in English for me and guided me to the right weight of wool etc. so, with a little help from JW on colours, I was able to purchase the necessary “ingredients” for a sweater. They also sold some rather nice souvenirs, so JW  bought Jennie  and I more jewellery.

When we got back to the boat and I worked out the cost of the wool in English money, I was so impressed that I decided to go back and get a pack for myself too!

Whilst we were on the boat I met some of the passengers who had been on a ‘plane trip over the volcano area. Their photographs were rather disappointing though, no laval activity just a plume of smoke or steam rising from Eyafjalljokull. It didn’t seem much to show for £265!

We went back to the wool shop and used up all our Icelandic currency, had a last look around and returned to the docks.

An amusing statue. The old seamen appear to be pointing at Athena!

We left Iceland at 6pm, our heads full of memories of wonderful sights and friendly people who have learned to live with the seething fire beneath them. 

Farewell Iceland and thank you!

The only disappointment I had had was not seeing whales and then…….I glanced out of the cabin window and saw something making a big splash. I rushed out on deck and there, as though to tease us were three whales leaping! They were too far off to photograph, even if I had thought to pick up my camera before rushing out 🙂 but I had seen them.

The man from the next cabin had rushed out whilst getting ready for dinner and was in his stockinged feet. I’m just glad he had got as far as putting his trousers on!

Seeing the whales put the finishing touches to our visit to Iceland, and now we were on the way to Torshaven, Faroe Islands.