Yesterday I had a lovely birthday. I spent part of it at a local garden centre and most of it with my family, so the best of two worlds!

First I had my presents from JW,  a lightweight stick/seat, which will be a great help when my hips or knees play up. and a book about Victorian Britain, which I didn’t even know had been published yet.

GG’ s mother and great uncle arrived in the morning and gave us a lift to the garden centre where we met Jennie.  JW treated us all to a very tasty home cooked meal (I much prefer this homely fare to the usual restaurant food) and then I was given a free rein to wander around.:)

I was quite restrained really (mainly because JW and the extended family had offered to pay for my choice of plants, so I couldn’t be too greedy!)

I eventually chose the following

Gaillardia Suburst

Penstemmon King George

Sisyrinchium Rocky Point

Nemesia Amelie

My gardening friend , Chris, had grown me a lovely pot of  scented stocks


 Jennie collected the boys from school and they gave me a superb garden lounger, which I had been craving.

My luxury lounger!

The sharp eyed ones of you will notice that the cushion still has the plastic cover on, this is purely because I wanted to photograph it today and there were black clouds looming!

We had afternoon tea  and finished with a delicious carrot cake made by Jennie. I appreciated this especially  as she has been having trouble with her hands recently, so grating carrots did not come easily for her. She had also crocheted me a pretty table mat.

Although it was St. Swithun’s day we were very lucky with the weather and the showers only came when we indoors, so I had a lovely birthday.  Aren’t I lucky?