We had a lovely day today. We had lunch cooked by Jennie,  a lovely roast chicken dinner. I am so glad that we raised a daughter who can cook. 🙂

She and GG have had a busy time lately since they decided to put their flat on the market and move into a house. The flat looks very enticing, everything scrubbed and polished, so I hope they find a buyer soon.

As well as all the preparation work she has also found time for her new pastime of hand dyeing wool. She has produced some very attractive yarns, which I am sure she will be showing on her “blog site” soon.

The boys are both growing at a terrific pace and getting more and more interesting every week. Handsome, the 9 year old is now enthralled by the mythology of the Greek Gods, and, with the enthusiasm he gives to anything which grabs his imagination, he can already reel off the genealogy of many of the Gods. I had forgotten how children this age absorb knowledge like sponges.

Cheeky, the six year old, is into suduko. Grandpa  started him on it recentlyand he slid into it quite naturally and now asks if he has anymore ready for him!  He also added, “I suppose they are kid’s ones!”

We are so lucky that we were able to move closer to the family and that we get on so well together. When I read about so many disfunctional families and family feuds I count myself very blessed.