When I was growing up afternoon tea was a regular part of the routine.

During the war aunts, cousins and great aunts met frequently at one or other house and partook of afternoon tea. They used to bring their knitting, or other handicraft, and exchange gossip as they worked and then the hostess would provide tea and biscuits or cake (whatever the rations allowed) and the children were often given sandwiches or bread and jam too. In the winter we sometimes had the extra treat of toasted pikelets (crumpets) to you non-Nottinghamians!)

When I was a bit older I went to tea dances with my mother and halfway through the afternoon we would be served with tea, dainty sandwiches, (usually fish or meat paste and in the summer, cucumber), and a plate of “mixed dainties”.

In recent years JW  and I usually have a cup of coffee and a biscuit about 3.30pm.

In recent weeks we have had a few visitors who were passing through Cardiff so we have had a more traditional afternoon tea  with savouries,a selection of cakes and scones with clotted cream. Jennie and the boys usually join us and I have been reminded of how pleasant a custom it is, so I hope there will be more visitors calling in. It has usually been Wednesday so I am thinking of reviving the custom, I might even have some “At Home” cards printed 🙂

All this is very bad for the waistline and cholesterol levels of course, perhaps I should limit it to once or twice a month!