Last weekend I hunted high and low for a document I needed. I am usually quite efficient with documents and this particular one I had had recently, so I thought that it couldn’t be far away. I searched in every conceivable place, but no luck. (I did get a lot of sorting out done) but came to the conclusion that I must have inadvertently thrown it out or shredded it. I even looked through the books I had been reading in case I had absent mindedly used it as a bookmark, but still no luck.

I remembered from my ecumenical youth that the Catholics  prayed to one of the Saints, but could only remember that St. Jude was the one for lost causes, so I sent up a hasty prayer to him!

It didn’t seem to work because Monday brought no results and then on Wednesday I woke up remembering that I had been ordering from a catalogue the last time I recalled seeing the document. Sure enough it was there between the pages!

I told Jennie about it when she rang and she immediately said that she had been searching for a crochet pattern, so I told her to have a word with St Anthony (I had discovered the right one thanks to JW). Ten minutes later she found her pattern!

It obviously works quickest when you find the right Saint from the start, but thanks to St Jude for passing on the message!