I find the workings of the minds of children fascinating, especially those of my grandsons. The elder, 9 years old, weaves stories (usually with a space/sci.fi base.)

The youngest, 6 years old, tends to work out what is logical (to him!)  Todayhe was reading a story to his brother. It was a story about two children being shown the sights of London. When they got to Buckingham Palace the grandmother in the story facetiously remarked, “What a big place. The Queen must be kept very busy cleaning such a big place.”

Cheeky stopped reading and in a disgusted tone said, “This is just silly, everybody knows she doesn’t do her own cleaning!”

“Who does it?” asked his brother.

“The knights, of course,” came the reply.

Immediately the vision of knights in armour and armed with mops and buckets flashed before our eyes and then the even funnier thought of the modern day knights, the business men, politicians, sports stars and stage personalities being given their tasks for the day.

During  summer the recess of parliament could be used for the annual spring clean.

JW  capped all our wild speculations with, “Sir Alan (Sugar) would obviously be given the Windows (Think about it :))