Last weekend I was watching the birds enjoying themselves splashing about in the bird bath. They were being quite organised, two or three of them at a time, the others waiting patiently for their turn (I wonder if the tweeting was bird speak for, “Come in no 7 your time is up”)

As I watched them I became aware that there were far more  than I had seen in this garden before, even when JW  put out the fatballs. They were mostly blue tits, coal tits and sparrows and the tree seemed to be alive with them as they darted around, in and out of the foliage, and then I realised what they were doing. They were feasting on the berries.

Before the feast!

Suddenly there was a mass exodus and a flock of twittering birds left,  leaving just the regulars, and not a berry in sight!

After the feast!

They were very fair though and only feasted on the haws and left my cultivated fruit alone.

They didn't touch the grapes!

or the blackberries

or the raspberries.

I wonder how they knew the berries were there. Did our residents tweet about it? 🙂