It all started so well!

JW,  Jennie  and I took one of our infrequent trips into Cardiff city centre. We spent a pleasant morning meandering around the arcades. Cardiff Girl  has written a very good post about the arcades so I won’t go into details, but it is so much more  interesting to wander through these little shops with their varied goods than round the big multiples which occupy every High Street and shopping centre in the country.

Jenny wanted some more semi-precious stones for her jewellery making, so a visit to the bead shop was a must. We all marvelled at the vast array of colours and textures, it was like an Aladdin’s cave.

We giggled at some of the more outrageous designer clothes and the platform soled shoes, which would probably raise me to the average height , but I prophesied that I would be more likely to break my neck if I stepped out in them!

JW treated us to a meal in an Italian restaurant and then I decided I would go home while my hips were still feeling good. The other two wanted to go to another shop in a different part of the city and I persuaded them that I would be fine travelling home on my own. As I, rather haughtily, reminded them, I had lived and travelled on my own for many years before I knew either of them!

As it says in Proverbs, “An haughty spirit goes before a fall.”

I stepped off the bus feeling  pleased that my hips were not aching, despite all the walking, and I felt quite fit. A few more steps along the pavement and just as I was about to turn up the short path to my road I stumbled and flew through the air and landed face down! ( I hadn’t succumbed to the lure of the platform soles, just didn’t have the ability to recover my balance that I used to have.)

For a few minutes I saw stars and then a very nice young man rushed over the road and helped me to my feet. He offered to send for an ambulance or a doctor, but nothing seemed to be broken and I assured him that I would be fine once I got home, so he saw me to the door, and waited until I had opened it.

When I looked in the mirror I understood why he had looked so worried. My nose had swollen to a bulbous mess, was already changing to a rainbow of colours and had multiple abrasions. My upper lip had acquired a “trout pout” to rival any botched Botox job. If I had ever been tempted to have the poison injections, I know now that it would not suit me. 🙂

Half an hour later JW arrived home and I knew exactly what he would say. “I knew I should have come home with you!”

I was very lucky not to break anything or damage my teeth and luckily everything started to heal quite quickly, thanks to liberal applications of Arnica, Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera, and now is almost back to normal except that I have an anxious daughter or husband accompanying me when I go out!