Recently I was watching TV, JW  was in the kitchen and we heard the unmistakable voice of Louis Armstrong on one of the adverts.

This started a conversation where we wondered how many of today’s musicians would be instantly recognisable 40 years after their death! Then we started reminiscing about the voices and music of our youth, Bing, Vera, Cliff, Elvis, the Beatles, the Shadows et al. At the end of this we suddenly realised that neither of us could remember what was being advertised!

I think we must be an advertiser’s nightmare. JW hardly watches TV and I hardly listen to the blurb. If it is at all obscure I miss the point altogether. If it is clever I remember the clever bits and forget the rest, e.g. I turn to the, instead of the comparison site it advertises, and enjoy the antics again!

If they are advertising furniture I am more likely to be wondering where the curtains/carpet came from.

Do the cosmetic firms really expect me to take their claims seriously when they use perfectly made up models and film stars (usually in their 30s and early40s) to advertise creams to smooth away wrinkles? I didn’t have any wrinkles at that age! My mother had very few even in her 80s and all she had ever used was Pond’s vanishing cream under her dabs of Max Factor Creme Puff ! The only ageing actress I have seen them use  admits to having had “a bit of surgery”

Would the models swishing their hair have the same results if they had their hair cut at the local hairdresser (or cut it themselves?

Am I supposed to believe that millionnaire ex presenters and actresses really worry about their families affording their funeral expenses?

I think the final disbelief came when an actor who was well known on TV fronted a firm of Accident lawyers saying we are real lawyers 100%!

Jennie  and I were talking about this and had a giggle wondering what the manufacturers would do if everyone sent their products back demanding a refund when stains didn’t disappear, the cakes didn’t turn out like those on TV, the dog didn’t turn cartwheels after the special food etc. etc. etc……