Owls hooting at midday! Cuckoos calling in the winter! Has the world turned topsy-turvey? No! I gave way to an impulse and bought JW  a clock which has a different bird call on the hour.

One of the things we missed most when we moved to the city was the sound of the birds, which we had enjoyed when we lived in the country. We have enticed the birds into our city garden but not, of course, such a variety.

To be honest I don’t miss the raucous shriek of the peacocks or the ghostly sound of the screech owls, but the wonderful dawn chorus or the beautiful serenade from the top of the trees as night falls was something special. 

It is a bit disconcerting to hear the owl at midday and realise that it is time to start getting the lunch ready instead of thinking that I should be in bed, or to have two pm marked by the cuckoo, but it does give us a giggle and is probably slightly more realistic than the clock that JW offered to buy me. This was an Elvis clock.  Just think of the new rumours that could have started if a passerby heard those mellifluous tones coming from a modest house in Cardiff!

P.S.  The bird clock has a light sensor to cut the sound off at night, but the street lights mean that it never really gets dark, so JW has another pre- bedtime task to add to his door lock checking. He has to cover the clock, just like we used to cover the budgie cage. 🙂