You look in the mirror and your mother looks back at you.

You arrange to meet a friend from years ago and wonder who that elderly lady is waiting for and realise that she is probably thinking the same thing!

One of the screen idols you admired in your youth appears on a chat show and they have “suddenly” turned into old men and women.

You choose shoes for comfort rather than style.

You visit a museum and remember using many of the exhibits.

You can remember books you read 50 years ago, but struggle to remember the last episode of a serial you saw last week.

The daughter you took out on leading reins, now shepherds you when you are out. 🙂

The clothes you wore in your youth have now become fashionable again and they call them “retro”.

You think that “wicked” means very bad.

The babies you delivered are now middle aged.

You take twice as long to do household chores/gardening/DIY as you did only a few years ago, but it doesn’t matter because you have more time anyway.

You read of a holiday insurance plan/special offer/education course maximum age 69.

You get junk mail offering you financial planning for your retirement and realise that it is 10 years too late.

You go to a family gathering and realise that you are the older generation now and wonder whether the younger members think of you with the same affectionate exasperation as you thought of your old great aunts.

You read reports of mis- managed hospitals and wonder why they don’t change the Matron, then realise that they don’t have proper Matron’s anymore.

You remember hearing every Opposition say they are going to cut waste from government services, get rid of QANGOs and bring about a fair state.

A fresh faced politician states, with all earnestness, that we face a period of austerity which is worse than anything we have ever known in peacetime and you think, ” Really? Tell that to the Jarrow hunger marchers, or my generationwho had rationing for the first 15 years of their lives!”

You realise how much time you wasted worrying about things that might happen….. and didn’t! 

You enjoy each day that comes. As George Burn’s said, “There maybe disadvantages to getting older, but the alternative is worse. 🙂