A few months ago one of my neighbours had heart trouble and as soon as he  was better he booked a cruise to the West Indies for next Spring. He explained this by saying, “Well you have to have something to look forward to, don’t you?”

Spurred on by this advice I went ahead and booked our next year’s holiday, a cruise to the North Cape of Norway, (I usually don’t do anything about holidays until a couple of months before we go!) We also booked several theatre visits. The first of these was a couple of weeks ago when JW,  Jennie, GG and I all went to see the live show of “I’m sorry I haven’t a Clue”  This was a belated wedding anniversary celebration. We have all enjoyed the programme for many years and we spent a very happy couple of hours laughing our socks off at these very talented comediens. Even JW enjoyed it and he not much of a theatre-going  man.

The next visit was last night to see Tommy Steele in “Scrooge”

I have always loved live theatre and wanted my two grandsons to have the same opportunities as I had, so when I saw that “Scrooge” was coming to the New Theatre,Cardiff,  starring Tommy Steele I thought it would be ideal for them to see and I booked their tickets as an early Christmas present.

Of course the first snow of the Winter started falling in the afternoon,so we watched anxiously, but luckily were able to set out at 5p.m. as planned. Jennie drove carefully through the slush. I always feel safe driving with Jennie, who has inherited her father’s driving skills (I have never enjoyed driving and only learned to drive because I thought it was something everyone should be able to do!) we had a meal on the way and arrived safely to a fully booked theatre.

I was surprised to see how popular Tommy still was even to those who were too young to remember him in his pop star era 50 years ago. He received a rapturous welcome when he appeared on stage and continued to keep us enthralled throughout the excellent production. Everything was superb, the cast, the production , the scenery and the magic. Handsome and Cheeky were enthralled thoughout and sat with big shiny eyes clapping delightedly. I was a bit anxious that they might be frightened when the ghosts appeared but I had not reckoned with them being used to scary monsters from Dr Who etc. and they took it in their stride as fantasy!

At the end there was a standing ovation and everyone seemed loth to leave the theatre even when the lights came on again.

It was a lovely evening, what more could I ask for? Superb theatre in the company of my daughter and grandsons.

The only slight problem with this choice of theatres is that everything comes in bunches, Jennie and I are off to the theatre again next week (our Christmas present to each other :)) and then nothing  (booked) till March when we have two more!