Yes,  me visiting the theatre twice in one week!

As I said in the previous post these things, (like London buses), come in bunches so after several months without a visit we have been three times recently.

This time it was “Mamma Mia” at the Millennium Centre and Jennie  and I bought each other tickets for our Christmas present to each other!

Once again we watched the skies anxiously to see whether the snow, which has blanketed so many parts of the UK, would arrive in South Wales and stymie our visit, but we were still in the favoured dry corridor, so sallied forth for the Bay where the worst we had to cope with was the biting cold wind.

The Millennium Centre is much bigger than the New Theatre but seemed to be full  just the same. Numerous coaches were disgorging excited folk from the Valleys and other out of town areas. 

I wondered how the live performance would compare with the film version we enjoyed last year. No Pierce Brosnan or Colin Firth of course, but I have to admit that the singing was better!!

I don’t think I realised how much energy there was in the film until I saw the live cast performing. They were incredible and their enjoyment was so infectious you just felt part of it and by the final medley of Abba songs the whole audience was on its feet and joining in….. except for the morose couple next to me!

I don’t know whether we attract these odd people or whether they are scattered throughout the theatre but we always seem to be near them 🙂 This pair had been critical about every small thing and muttering about them just loud enough to be overheard. Does this add to their pleasure?

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, despite the moaning Minnies, the cast were great, scenery simple but very effective, and the atmosphere tremendous.

Nothing (booked)  now until March when we have two more performances to look forward to, our Easter present to each other and my Mothering Sunday present!