Jennie has always been interested in craftwork since she was a very small child. She started with paper collages and the usual infant school pictures and cards. She learned to knit early on too, as she watched my mother knitting. JW.’s aunt taught her to crochet and simple dressmaking, in fact it runs in her genes. My mother was an excellent needlewoman as was JW’s mother. Both of them filled and ran church handycraft stalls which raised much needed funds. My mother was a keen member of the Young Wives craft club where they learned a different craft each year, patchwork,baskets, seagrass stools, rag rugs and wool rugs adorned our house.

Even further back,when I was researching our genealogy, I found a framework knitter, a Master dyer and a lace maker so we really have got it in our genes!

Jennie has tried many crafts including pillow lace and glass engraving but knitting has been a constant interest and when she started to have trouble with her hands last year she was relieved to discover, not only that she was still able to knit without exacerbating it but it actually seemed to soothe it.

In the summer she went on a course for hand dyeing wool and found that she was quite good at it so she started buying various types of wool and then other people wanted to buy it from her, so she started to advertise it on the internet along with the jewellery she has designed and made and is gradually building up a little business.

‘Amethyst’ Stardust (merino/nylon/stellina sparkle) 4ply yarn

‘Autumn Days’ Blue Faced Leicester 4ply yarn

‘Luna’ Smooshie BFL/silk 4ply yarn

‘Acid hiss’ BFL 4ply yarn

‘Explosion in the Potions Lab’ BFL 4ply yarn

‘Pink Sapphire’ stardust 4ply yarn

It is lovely soft wool and she has had fun thinking up names to describe the wool and this is a small selection of them. I think her ancestors would be proud of her!