Already we are nearly halfway through the first half of January. The Christmas cards and decorations are down. The cards with the messages filed away awaiting answers and the decorations packed away for next year. The snow has all gone (we got off very lightly compared to many parts of the country). We had a few days of blue skies and a healthy sort of cold, but now we seem to be stuck with the grey damp weather we get so often in the first two months of the year. This used to have its compensations once when we had open fires (and no thoughts of cholesterol or weight gain), and could enjoy toast smothered in homemade dripping or Pikelets (crumpets for the non- Nottinghamians!) lavishly spread with  butter!

VAT has gone up to 20%. However there is room for optimism, the tips of Spring bulbs are already coming through, Henry (the tortoise) is already awake and the birds have been frolicking in the warmish water JW puts in the birdbath 🙂 

I have taken a leaf out of cousin Mabel’s book and arranged, prompted by my lovely daughter, Jennie, some treats to look forward to. I am getting a belated Christmas present soon when we go to see “The King’s Speech” at the cinema. In March we have tickets for  the St David’s Hall when Anton and Erin make their annual visit. We have booked the same ringside seats as last year! This is to be my Mothering Sunday present and then for my birthday present in July Jennie has booked tickets for us  to see “Much Ado about Nothing” in London. The parts of Beatrice and Benedict will be played by Catherine Tate and David Tennant. Wow, how about that!!

JW and I have also booked another cruise, up the West coast of Norway to North Cape, so I will achieve my ambition of travelling to the Northernmost city in Europe.

So, lots to look forward to already and, as Jennie remarked, we haven’t seen what is coming to the New Theatre and the Millennium Centre yet!