This week I had the final part of my Christmas present from my daughter Jennie when she took me to see “The King’s Speech”. We had been looking forward to seeing this film since we read the first reviews and we were not disappointed.

We both thoroughly enjoyed it and from the comments we heard from the rest of the audience as we left so did they. Colin Firth was, as ever, brilliant and the rest of the cast were all very believable. I was reminded of a schoolfriend who was afflicted by a stammer and I think Colin got the frustration exactly right and the rest of the cast were able to portray the sense of willing the victim on to get the words out. I glanced round at the audience and we were all holding our breath and had the same intense expression as we willed him on!

As a child I remember the love and respect that most people had for the king and the great sorrow when he died at such a young age. This was not the showy effect that we saw when Princess Diana was killed, but just a very quiet mourning for a king who had stayed with us and had given encouragement to those who suffered bombing and lost relatives during the war and even managed to give speeches which may not have been the greatest oratory, (he left that to Winston Churchill), but were even more inspiring because of the effort of giving them.

I do enjoy these visits with Jennie, we laugh together or sometimes wipe away the odd tear.

 The only jarring note was not with the film, but the adverts and trailers preceding it. Why do they have to play such loud music? It was deafening and I think some of the adverts were made for a smaller screen because they seemed to flash about until I felt quite dizzy! Maybe it is an age thing, but it seems such a shame when the cinemas are so smart and comfortable now.