What gives us our character? What makes us into individuals?

Genes must play a part, I remember when I was a midwife and even in those first few days you could see that the babies had individual characters.

 I often wonder how those characters have  developed over the years. Those first babies I delivered will be middle-aged now. Have they been successful in life, are they happily married, are they kind and considerate or are they criminals, cruel, selfish, power hungry?

Environment must play a large part in forming our characters. 

How different would I have been if I had had different people influencing me. Would I still have had a good education if I had not had parents who encouraged me to read and to learn and to stay at school until I was eighteen. Would I still have had the persistance to do nurse training if I had had to self educate  after leaving school at fifteen?

If I had not had the example of my mother’s careful money management and domestic skills how would I have coped when money became tight after the last financial crisis?

If I had been brought up by different parents would I have grown up more ruthless and hungry for money and power? Would I be counting the noughts on my bonus and fretting because someone else got more?

As well as genes and environment events influence our characters.

Sayings I heard whenever I hit a low point include, “What doesn’t break you makes you”… “God never gives you a burden  heavier than you can bear”…”The way you deal with things makes you the person you are”

There are many other factors involved, people we meet, books we read, events in the news and sights we see.  I suppose that is why we are such complex creatures!