We have just received our voting cards for the referendum next month. This is to decide whether the Assembly should have more powers. If the government  are consistant about devolving powers they will approve this concept. In May we have another referendum about the alternative voting system, we are also voting for our MEP.

We already vote for the parish council, the city council, county council and MPs. If all the proposed policies are passed we will also be voting for a Mayor and a Police Commissioner. In addition to all this we are expected to choose the type of school, planning proposals, health service decisions etc. quite apart from officials from any private societies we may belong to.

It struck me that with all this voting (plus any other posts they think up in their “policy a day” proposals ) where are we going to do all this voting?  Is this a stimulus for the construction industry to create permanent voting halls,  because we can’t keep closing the local schools every time there is a vote and then I suppose we will need to staff these halls. What a great job creation scheme.:)

The problems I see are , a) When are we going to find time to volunteer for all those community projects a la “Big Society” if we spend so much time perusing electioneering pamphlets about people most of us know nothing about, other than what they choose to tell us ?

                                                 b)Why do we need local MPs if  local people are  running all the local services?