I may be getting more cynical in my old age, but I can’t help suspecting that Mr Cameron and co. are covering their backs quite well.

I was uneasy when the coalition was formed but was willing to hold judgement for a while, but every move that is made looks as though they are building in a “get out” clause.

The answer to any questioning about cuts is prefaced by, “It is all the fault of the previous government borrowing too much money and frittering it!” Completely ignoring the world financial crisis and the state of disrepair in the public structures (hospitals, schools etc.) which the previous government inherited.

Now any really controversial and unpopular measure is announced by a LibDem MP, so blame the Liberals.

Under the guise of giving more powers to the local councils the councils will be responsible for cutting public services, so when your library closes, rubbish collections are less frequent, voluntary services have their grants cut, blame the council.

Make GPs responsible for huge budgets, so when you can’t have the service or drugs, blame the doctors.

When you can’t get planning permission blame your NIMBY neighbours.

If the crime rate rises blame the police federations and the new police commissioners which you have elected!

You get my drift? As I said before why will we need MPs if all the power is delegated?