I hope you all had a lovely time on St. Valentine’s day.

I had a beautiful bouquet from JW and was surrounded by family most of the day. Before lunch Jennie  and I went shopping and then after lunch she collected Handsome and Cheeky from school and they helped me get a family tea party ready. GG came after work and our niece from Liverpool, who was visiting her old university stamping grounds, came with her family, so it was a cosy time. Nicki  has a daughter 6 months older than Handsome and a very lively son 6 months older than Cheeky. The children hadn’t seen each other for  a few years but they all got on well together and disappeared after tea to play, what sounded like,  hilarious board games. It seems no time since it was Nicki, her sister and Jennie rolling around the floor playing games.

St. Valentine’s day is a double celebration for JW  and me because in 1973 we announced our engagement. We had decided in January 1973 to get married  but wanted to tell my parents first so waited till we visited them in February and then, as it was so near to St. Valentine’s day, decided to make it public  on the 14th.