When I started to unload the weekly supermarket shopping I remembered, belatedly, that I had meant to defrost the ‘fridge. A lump of ice had appeared above the drainage duct, which had somehow become blocked. I decided that I would leave the shopping in its freezer bags and deal with it there and then. Luckily the ice came off in a block, so it did not take long.

Encouraged by the clean, ice free ‘fridge, I decided then to clean the pantry before I put the dry goods away. It was also a good opportunity to do a stock taking. Did I really buy so many stock cubes, tinned tomatoes or tinned tuna fish?

 This led on to me cleaning the cupboards in the kitchen, then the paintwork and of course I couldn’t have a pristine kitchen without cleaning the windows and putting up clean curtains could I?

I felt such smug satisfaction after this burst of spring cleaning that I decided I would “deep clean” the whole house. My mother, various ward sisters and the hotel housekeeper in Norway, would have been so proud of me 🙂

Well, I did the bathroom…… but then we were treated to the warmest, driest April weather  and the plants I had ordered arrived so I am afraid the other rooms will have to wait for the weather to change and put up with their dust and hoover routine.

Well, the intention was there!