Monday June 13th

We arrived at our first port,  Alesund, at 8am. JW and I had liked Alesund  when we visited last year so were looking forward to visiting again. It is a very pretty town built in the art deco style in 1904 after a disastrous fire destroyed the old town.

It was quite grey when we arrived, so we set off for our meander around the town clad in anoraks, but an hour later the sun came out and we were soon in shirtsleeves!

Unfortunately it was Whit Monday so many places were closed and the visit we had half planned to

One of the decorated fronts

 Devold museum of ceramics and the knitting industry was not running, however some shops and museums were open and we enjoyed just wandering around gazing at the buildings, some of which were very ornate.

I had to keep reminding myself that the exchange rate from pounds  to krone was far less favourable now than when I lived in Norway. Before the devaluation in the 60s we got 20 krone to the pound, so a krone was worth a shilling. The rate now is about  8.5  krone to pound so everything seems very expensive! Fortunately we could take meals on board so didn’t have that expense.:)

After lunch we went for another wander and then I sat in the sun by the harbour while JW wandered around taking photographs. A dark skinned lady sat by me on my bench and she looked so still and had such sad eyes. I asked if she lived there and she said that she did and then told me that she was an asylum seeker from Somalia. I asked if she still had family in Somalia and she turned her sad eyes to me and said, “Not now, all gone”. I have thought of her often lately when we see the terrible pictures coming from that part of the world. We really should count our blessings that we live in freedom and plenty.

We left Alesund before dinner. That evening had a Western theme so most people wore denim etc. and a few went the whole hog with boots and stetsons.

Our entertainment that evening included an excellent comedian Bob Webb and line dancing for the energetic.