Wednesday June 15th

Once again we had decided not to go on anyof the excursions and just wandered around the city imbibing the atmosphere.

Tromso has the nickname of “the city of midnight fun” and boasts the world’s most northerly university. It certainly seemed to be a bustling city. On the main street were branches of many international companies, but there were also small shops down the side streets and in arcades. We found an interesting hardware shop with a wonderful array of candles, so we bought a selection of these, as I always associate candles with Norway.

Down another side street I was delighted to find  a splendid  “Husfliden”. Husfliden shops are found in many parts of Norway and sell craft materials and handmade goods. This one was quite large and was a knitters’ paradise. They had wools of every shade, ply and texture and all the materials to go with it, patterns, needles buttons etc.

I had a happy time choosing wool for Jennie and me. I was also delighted to find that the owner, whose English was limited, could understand my Norwegian (Oslo accent  not withstanding) 🙂

Our friends Pat and Tony had booked to go on the excursion to a Sami camp. The main draw for this dog loving pair was the husky dogs and Pat was delighted with the discovery  that two of the husky bitches had new litters. Pat was sorely tempted to pop one in her bag when it came time to leave!

Once again the sun shone all day and into the night and the temperature was in the mid twenties C.