Monday June 20th we anchored off Olden at 8am.

We had travelled along the beautiful Nordfjord to the innermost end, Oldendalen a lovely fertile valleywhich goes 20 Km due south, bordered by steep slopes rising up to 1700 metres.

I had mixed feelings about returning to Olden because on our previous visit it had rained solidly all day long and the only thing I remembered about it was the row of sounenir shops on the quayside!

When we arrived this time there was a lot of low cloud, but an hour later this had lifted and the sun was breaking through.


We were ferried ashore by ship’s tender and decided to take the town train around the area. This took us by the side of the lake to the centre of Olden and then past the Old Church. This church was built in 1759 on the site of the 14c stave church. Timber from the stave church was used for the doorposts and pews in the Old Church. A new church has now replaced the Old Church.

This is a very fertile valley, quite different from the stark landscapes we had seen earlier that week.

mist almost gone! This picture really doesn't do justice to the lovely garden. The owners must have been dedicated gardeners because it would be under snow for several months each year.


The electicity captured from this waterfall powers the whole Oldendal and the surplus is sold to the National Grid.

A few wildflowers by the fjord (in case "no one showed them" to my fellow traveller :))

Was this what my long ago ancestors looked like? Viking guarding the shop.

We had a relaxed afternoon, where I revised my ideas about Olden, and sailed away at 6pm back along that gorgeous fjord.

I heard from my old friend B (the Scottish musician from Bergensfjord days) He has lived in Oslo nearly 50 years now, but we have always kept in touch and met when we could. He texted to say that he had flown over to Bergen and would meet us from the boat next day. What a lovely surprise.