After leaving Stavanger we had a programme of activities to choose from and a gala evening to look forward to.

First came the Captain’s farewell cocktail party, then a superb dinner before going with our friends, Pat and Tony, to the Neptune bar to enjoy the farewell performance from the regular company and the guest entertainers. The seats in the Neptune are arranged around small tables on tiers down to the stage. The tables are attended by the amazing bar staff, mainly Fillipinos and Indonesians, who give the impression that your happiness is their main concern in life. After your first visit they not only know you by name but know what your favourite tipple is. They are friendly without being obtrusive and treat everyone alike whether they are heavy drinkers or virtually TT, like me! They are immaculately dressed, however busy and despite the long hours never show tiredness or impatience. One funny thing which happened though was that early in the cruise they started calling  JW  “Sir Patrick”, whilst all the other men were Mr Tony or Mr …..

I don’t know where this came from, but it spread by bush telegraph and soon the table steward and cabin stewardess were also calling him Sir Patrick!

At midnight we were invited to the Gala Buffet where the chef and her staff had prepared a sumptuous cold buffet, much of the food sculpted into fantastic shapes.


Three of our lovely waiters

 By the time we went to bed we had left Norway behind and had started back across the North Sea.