What a year for news it was!

I have been looking at my diary for the year and was struck by how many natural disasters were reported. It seems as though Mother Nature, (or whichever God you believe in), is saying, “Whatever destruction you bring on yourselves, I can do far worse.”

We have had earthquakes in Japan, New Zealand and Turkey and Spain, floods in Australia, Brazil,Pakistan and Thailand, tornadoes in the southern states of the USA and in the mid west and of course the devastating tsunami in Japan. Not to be outdone another volcano erupted in Iceland. In the Horn of Africa once again they have droughts and the subsequent horror of starvation.

Here in the UK we have had  the hottest March and October days, wettest, windiest, dryest times. Looks like the record book keepers will have a busy time. 

If only those in positions of power would concentrate resources to dealing with these disasters instead of wasting our resources and lives in so many wars. It seems that whenever one part of the world settles into (near)  peace another part erupts into fighting.

The “Arab Spring” is still ongoing with an uneasy peace in Egypt and Tunisia, struggles between tribes, religions and sects in Iraq and Libya and near civil war in Syria. Afghanistan is still claiming too many lives on both sides of the conflict and the relief for the famine in Ethiopia would be so much easier if there was no war around it.

 I would have more confidence in politicians and financial “experts” if I felt they knew what they were doing. When a report was published saying that the top earners pay had increased by 150% and the average pay by 2.9%, it did not inspire me with hope for the future economy!

It has not been a good year for leaders either, Bin Laden and Gaddafi killed, Kim Jong Il died, the presidents of Greece and Italy replaced by unelected financiers! and Arab Spring leaders still to be elected.

I wonder what 2012 has in store for us. I hope that it will be good to all of you and yours.

A belated Happy New Year to one and all.:)