Another Christmas and another New Year to add to the memory chest.

The decorations all packed away for eleven months. I am not one of those who need a different colour scheme every year, I am far too sentimental and traditional for that. I love the memories evoked by our decorations, some inherited from my parents, some from JW’s family, some made by Jennie and her children and the newest ones collected on our recent travels. 

The cards are put away so that I remember who to send them to next year. The letters re-read and kept for answering. I send letters in about half the cards. Recently I had read that some people hate getting Christmas letters and was wondering whether I should send so many, so it was reassuring to hear from several of my correspondents that they looked forward to hearing all my news. I love hearing their news (even the occasional one who boasts about the family achievements!)  When they are from distant friends it reminds me that they too have grown up  children and grandchildren and some even have great grandchildren.  I still tend to think of them as I knew them, so my nursing friends are still only in their early twenties and my school friends even younger!

An encouraging fact to come from my letters was that nearly everyone knew someone who had had prostate cancer and, with treatment, had recovered. I had not realised that it was so prevalent. Has it always been so I wonder? Maybe they are more able to detect it early now.

The Christmas cake, mince pies and other goodies have all been consumed so no excuse now not to adjust the diet.:)

The year has started well with Jennie’s latest scan. I had been having difficulty not telling anyone before, but Jennie was, understandably, nervous about spreading the news, so I couldn’t tell anyone the joyous news that we are expecting another grandchild in May.

We have the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to look forward too and if it is anything like the Coronation and the Silver and Gold Jubilees that should lift the spirits of the nation after all the doom and gloom from the politicians and financial “experts”.

For the sports fans there are the Olympics and World Cup too, so something for everyone to look forward too.