JW  has started his radiotherapy treatment and is now about halfway through. So far he has not had any severe side effects, but it does make him tired and everyday has to be arranged around the treatment, but we are so thankful that it was discovered in time for him to have the treatment and that the NHS is providing it.

When we received the dates for his treatment we saw that he had one week free before it all started so decided to take a break while we could. As it was March and the weather could be unreliable we wanted somewhere which did not rely on it being fine. I remembered seeing a report about a hotel in Devon described as a sport and craft centre so looked it up, liked what we read and booked ourselves in for a midweek  break.

Manor House Hotel, Devon

The hotel is much bigger than I expected and was busier than I thought it would be at that time of year.

On the edge of Dartmoor

There are two hotels in 600 acres on the edge of Dartmoor. There have 6 golf courses, crazy golf, pitch and put, tennis courts and numerous indoor sports halls and swimming pools. There is a large craft centre where a variety of craft sessions are offered from woodwork to pottery and drawing etc. so there was plenty for non sporty types to do and caters for all ages. there were groups of golfers,  families with three or four generations and a few groups who met there every year and booked from one year to the next.

It is a rather like cruise ship with all the decks on one level, so a bit sprawling but we soon found our way around.

The room was comfortable and the food was very good. Three meals a day were included in the overall price as were the various activities.

I signed up for two Pilates classes, aquarobics and enamelling and JW (the warrior) for pistol shooting, rifle shooting, archery, falconry and bowls!

I also tried the reasonably priced spa treatment, and had a relaxing massage and mini facial. (I must admit it wasn’t quite the sheer luxury of the Thai practitioners on the Balmoral, but was about a quarter the price and felt good afterwards)

The little  Morris Traveller took us there and back very safely and we returned home refreshed and well satisfied with the break– we will probably go back sometime and try some of the other pursuits.