I hope you all had a great weekend.

As a “dyed in the wool monarchist” I thought it was all brilliant, or, as the latest buzz word has it, “amazing”. Nearly everyone interviewed on TV has said that it was amazing.

Our celebrations started on Friday when Handsome and Cheeky had a day of celebrations at school. Cheeky really entered into the spirit of it by getting his mum to paint his face with a union flag. He further celebrated by drawing the union flag on the paving stones of the terrace at home with his chalks. (He has since had to re-draw this after the torrential rain on Sunday)

Saturday we had a party at Jennie’s house. It was the usual family members plus our beautiful new grand daughter who made her cousin M (who is now 9 months old) look very grown up all of a sudden! Sadly our oldest member Uncle P was unable to come so JW  and I were the older generation.

I was reminded of the day 60 years ago when my parents hosted a similar party. We were the only house on our part of the road to have a TV set, so it was open house for the neighbours  and relatives. The TV set was a tiny 12″ screen in a magnificent walnut cabinet with doors, and there was a huge H aerial on the roof!

In spite of the size we all crowded round and watched the beautiful young queen drive in her golden coach. It was like a fairy tale. There were representatives from the Commonwealth  and all parts of the world driving or marching in what seemed like an endless procession. Everyone fell in love with Queen Salote of Tonga, as she waved gaily from her open carriage, completely ignoring the rain. I never dreamt that I would one day visit her far away island in the Pacific.

The TV then was only black and white, but we did see highlights of the coronation in colour later at the cinema.

After the televiewing we joined in with the street party. I couldn’t help comparing the food this time with that we had 60 years ago. No pasta salad (the only pasta I knew in those days was macaroni, either with cheese or in a milk pudding), no beefburgers, no fancy breads, no peppers and only one sort of lettuce leaf. We had sandwiches, cakes, plain crisps, cakes and jellies all carefully hoarded for months as there was still rationing for some things. This year the superstores were bursting with “party food”, the only problem being what to choose!

My new grandaughter was sporting a special jubilee suit (see JW’s picture).

I had a lovely new dress for the coronation, dark blue gingham with a very full skirt held out by its own frilly petticoat and adorned with a scarlet sash  and a fabric rose. I felt very grown up in it and bored everyone with my constant twirling.

Although separated by 60 years there were many similarities and both were very happy occasions. I don’t remember any further celebrations after the actual Coronation day but this year I had three more days  to enjoy. 🙂